044 – Live and Dangerous!

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
044 - Live and Dangerous!

It’s a beautiful sunny day and we’re live (not really) from the Wickham Tap in Limerick, a new pub from the Galway Bay Brewery. Dave is preparing a talk on Swift Enums and Thomas is half-heartedly Swifting on the server. After two and a half years Apple Pay has finally arrived at our bank and we use it to purchase copious quantities of beer! Thomas bought another vintage Apple keyboard and AirPods to drown out the sound of the mechanical keyboard. Baz bought the new 10.5″ iPad Pro with the Pencil and Smart Keyboard, we talk about his experience running it on iOS 11. We talk about the tradeoffs of buying new Apple devices vs. waiting it out. We give a six month update on our Amazon Echos and pronounce the death of Siri.

Baz and Dave (2007, Canadian Guy)


Paint it Back (Picross Game)

What’s making us happy

Thomas – 16 albums! The Dø – Shake Shook Shaken. [Apple Music] [Spotify]
Baz – The Mountain Goats – Goths. [Apple Music] [Spotify]
Dave – Offa Rex – The Queen of Hearts. [Apple Music] [Spotify]