040 – The Boys Aren’t Back in Town

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
040 - The Boys Aren't Back in Town

After a brief period of upheaval in real life we are back with our WWDC episode. WWDC took place this week in San Jose and watched the keynote live from the comfort of Thomas’s couch 8000km away in Ireland. We discuss the revelations in the keynote and the state of the platform. Apple recommits to the Pro market. HomePod Homeshmod? Thomas has been waiting 10 years for multi-room Airplay and he finally gets it, but at what cost? Will the new App store benefit Indie developers. In stark contrast to other years Baz wants to use the new Xcode beta. Apple democratize horse detection with on device machine learning. The walled garden pays off with the seamless introduction of new image and video formats. CoreNFC makes its debut but only on the latest iPhone and only for a certain type of tag. We can now send money to each other with Apple Pay, but our banks still don’t support it! Our iMessages now sync but our messages still lag! We try to see the dark side of the keynote: Baz wanted a UI refresh and Dave wanted a tvOS update. Dave says he won’t go into it (but he does.) No more Canada only rollouts with Phased App Releases.


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