043 – Crank the Handle

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
043 - Crank the Handle

We walk through a different kind of dongle hell, adding bluetooth to a car stereo and end up going all the way back to tapes, vinyl and digital distribution. iPhone 8 rumours abound as Qualcomm debuts their through-screen fingerprint scanner, we wonder how big and expensive it’ll be. Baz informs us that you can get little hands on your fingers so you can have little hands on your fingers. We talk about the lack of WWDC video we’ve watched, and Thomas dives into server-side Swift! We discuss caching strategies and load testing. We get REALLY angry at Planet of The Apps and abandon equanimity because of Jessica Alba and her equity.


Enough – DHH

What’s making us happy

Baz – GLOW on Netflix
Dave – Humble Audiobook Bundle: Hackers, Gamers and Geeks
Thomas – NPR Planet Money