048 – Technology to enable me to use less technology

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
048 - Technology to enable me to use less technology

The latest updates to the Amazon Echo platform. Alexa now knows where Ireland is. Lifx really wants you to have colour. The state of e-reader platforms in 2017. Dopamine hits and loot boxes. Being unimpressed with Star Wars (no spoilers). Amazon’s Apple TV App. Nobody cares that the HomePod is late. The iMac Pro is not for us. A new keyboard to obsess about. Apple has some bugs to fix. Teaching taxi drivers about the innate fragility of software. Feeling meh about High Sierra. Positivity about Apple Watch. Things. Siri fighting with herself. Ignoring notifications better. Holographic Roy Orbison. Ludo trolling. Top songs of 2017. Personal analytics.

What’s making us happy:

Thomas – The Wirecutter
Baz – Moving to Cork and Gorogoa
Dave – Apple ecosystem and Playdead’s Inside on iOS and tvOS