014 – OK, You’re a Taxi

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
014 - OK, You're a Taxi

This week we talk about Uber (which we can’t use): their database switch and the acquisition of their Chinese brand, Dave makes a bad database joke and perpetuates conspiracy theories. We talk about Hailo (which we can use), which is merging with MyTaxi. We have a local taxi app: Swify Taxi. This leads Thomas to rant about our lovely Eircode postcode system. Baz is still on the iOS Beta and laments the fact that he can not send us his works of art. What’s the current state of Swift, will we ever start to learn this language? Thomas wants to wait until idiomatic Swift is more easily discoverable. Could we live without our computer and use a $100 laptop shell that uses our phone as the processor, we talk about our previous attempts using our iPads as our only computer outside of work. Thomas takes the plunge and captures some Pokemon.


What’s making us happy

  • Thomas: Pokemon Go
  • Baz: Chromecast
  • Dave: Autolayout