045 – I’m drawing a blank

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
045 - I'm drawing a blank

Baz reflects on the iPad Pro with iOS 11 and the decreased use of his Macbook Air. The iPad needs a home server for long running tasks, if only there was some kind of mini Mac we could use, we discuss Raspberry Pi and some potential money saving configurations. Pencils over Keyboards. We discuss our media consumption habits as we grow up. We can’t even force ourselves to finish Planet of The Apps but Apple are going to spend 1 Billion dollars on more original programming next year. We spent some time playing video games, Irish adventure game The Darkside Detective and multiplayer deathmatch PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. We discuss games and the coming of ARKit, will we see the explosion. We went to a Docker meetup and we’re happy with the explosion of local tech meetups.


The Darkside Detective
PlayerUnknown’s Battleground

What’s making us happy

Thomas – The Death of Yugoslavia
Dave – Scanner Sombre
Baz – Hellblade