019 – You Wouldn’t Download A Perfume

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
019 - You Wouldn't Download A Perfume

We discuss the aftermath of last week’s iPhone and Apple Watch announcements. Baz and Dave discuss what phones they will buy. Thomas updates his phone to iOS 10 live on air, and then starts to fret as he is told that the update is bricking lots of phones. Baz gets enthusiastic about the new features in Messages. An idea about Twitch for Spreadsheets leads on to a discussion about Excel wizardry, and programming tools for non-programmers. What Irish phone carrier should you choose? Baz and Dave’s first iPhone app is banished from the App Store. We discuss App Store economics, the shutdown of Vesper, the transition of Overcast to an ad-supported model and David Smith’s analysis of different app store models. A map, a REPL and a meetup makes us happy.


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