020 – If you squint you’ll notice it

Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario
020 - If you squint you'll notice it

macOS Sierra has arrived and we talk about the new features: Baz collects his windows and Irish Siri makes her debut. We talk about our OS update styles, varying from cutting edge to maybe sometime. Dave bought a house and is looking at home automation solutions, what’s the state of the ecosystem and how does it all work? Dave’s old Macbook falls off the OS update cliff and it’s been over 1000 days since the latest Mac release. Is it delayed because Apple are devoting their time to an ARM Mac? Apple have been putting the pieces in place for a switch with bitcode, will they make the switch? Apple are working with McLaren Automotive, is it the Apple Car or fancy material engineering? Do we even want an Apple Car?


What’s making us happy?

  • Baz: Nostalgic Video Game Programming: Wordsnap Lives!
  • Dave: Houses, one specifically.
  • Thomas: Scanner Pro